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To unleash the mind's creative energy, multiply metaphor by the square of the speed of light.
--Albert Einstein

Metaphor matters because it opens the door to discovery....
Einstein described his scientific method as combinatory play. He famously used thought experiments, which are essentially elaborate analogies, to come up with some of his greatest discoveries.
-- James Geary in Ted Talk

Smart Analogy may unleash your mind's creative energy, and open your door to discovery!

Case Study: How does Kathy use Smart Analogy to unleash her creative energy and solve problems?

Kathy: My discovery is about looking for better ways of learning how to learn; in this discovery, metaphors and analogies make a big difference.

Project 1: Translate academic language into illustrated language. The academic language of learning-science is abstract, difficult to understand. I try to translate this language into illustrated language. One breakthrough illustrated technique is to use analogies: for example, tree, net, building, scaffolding, noodle, city, e-map, etc.

Project 2: Wire patterns of learning science into software. I try to wire patterns of learning into software, in order to achieve this goal, I learn a lot from other software, with building analogies between learning and other fields.

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How do I start to use Smart Analogy?
What is "with analogy target, look for analogy source"?
What is "with analogy source, look for analogy target"?

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